Procurement Strategies

The procurement process of identifying the right suppliers, negotiating contracts, and executing agreements is a complex business.

Our global supply chain capabilities and integrated solutions are customized to meet customer requirements. We carefully assess the needs and requirements of our customers and take into account both traditional procurement considerations such as price, quality, and proximity, and other concerns such as flexibility and supply line integrity.

Our procurement professionals are focused on collaborating with our customers and suppliers to reduce costs, accelerate their time to market and streamline their supply chain processes. Our integrated supply chain system differentiates SMTC, making us unique when it comes to design, delivery and after-market services. We understand and anticipate the product lifecycle. We ensure continuity of supply and always look for opportunities to reduce and avoid costs.

We demand high standards of performance from our preferred global and regional supplier partners.

Our global supply chain systems allow us to offer competitive pricing and supply flexibility, while mitigating inventory risk. We work directly with our customers and suppliers to get the materials we need, when we need them. We continuously benchmark the market with a strong emphasis on total landed cost, lead times, assurance of supply and technology trends. This enables us to maximize the effectiveness of working capital.

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