Media Coverage

Electronics360 - EMS Providers Beef up Design Capabilities to Attract OEMS,

August, 2014
editor James Carbone, and Steve Brown, Vice President of Quality and Engineering for SMTC talk about the importance of providing the highest levels of manufacturability and reliability for customers products...

Electronics Sourcing North America - EMS Buyers Place More Business With Distributors,

August, 2014
editor James Cabone, and Connie Wan, Vice President of Global Procurement and Supply Chain for SMTC talks about how distributors play a very key role in today's EMS business.... Read pages 28-31

SMT Magazine / I-Connect007

May, 2014
editor Richard Ayes, and Steve Brown, vice president of quality and engineering for SMTC Corp., discuss the issues surrounding testing and inspection of electronics assemblies from technologies and challenges, to cost from the perspective of an EMS company. Brown also sounds off on the future of the EMS industry...

Electronics Sourcing Magazine

April, 2014
Interviews Connie Wan VP of Global Procurement & Supply Chain for SMTC in featured article Design for Purchasing on how purchasing in the electronics industry has changed over the past 10 years...

Supply Chain HQ

January, 2014
In a featured article with Supply Chain HQ Steve Brown, Vice President, Quality and Engineering, talks about the importance of continuously improving quality...

Global Purchasing Magazine

November, 2013
In an interview Connie Wan, VP, Global Procurement & Asia Supply Chain for SMTC, talks about the importance of having a strong long-term partnership with top-tier distributors to support a global strategy in providing a positive service, delivery, cost, and quality as given in today's economic climate.

SMT Magazine

September, 2013
In an interview with SMT Editor Richard Ayes, Corporate Value Engineering Manager Brian Morrison and Vice President of Account Management Frank Gerber discuss SMTC's strategies to en- sure that the devices that enter their supply chain meet the high-reliability standards in electronics assemblies.

EDA Cafe

May, 2013
Interview with Raul Lucas, General Manager, idneo and Brian Morrison, Engineering Manager at SMTC.
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