Frost & Sullivan recognizes SMTC Corporation with the 2016 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Leadership

SMTC has achieved true excellence in the electronic manufacturing services space by employing best practices, providing end-to-end solutions, offering excellent and timely customer service, and clearly understanding unique customer needs.

SMTC combines key expertise in design, value engineering, transition management, global supply chain management, procurement engineering and lean manufacturing to enable seamless client integration with SMTC's global manufacturing footprint. These services enhance customer value through:

  • Lower lead time and material costs
  • Improved assembly, coverage and final yield
  • Decreased labor content and field failures
  • Reduced engineering development and resource needs, and hence, quick time to market
  • Enhanced production stability and predictability

Best Practice Award Analysis for SMTC Corporation

SMTC's early involvement in the design cycle facilitates the development of products with increased manufacturability, quality, reliability and a longer lifecycle. Moreover, SMTC can gain a true understanding of customer needs. SMTC understands the stringent requirements of niche markets such as the medical industry, as well as high-volume domains like consumer electronics. The company's efficient processes have also allowed it to meet the rising demand for outsourcing in newer fields such as aerospace and defense.

As a result, SMTC has grown rapidly in a market characterized by an abundance of competition, but more importantly, it has helped its customers grow. Through an acute focus on superior customer service and quality, SMTC is proving to be the ideal choice for high-, mid- and low-volume customers.

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